Top Rated Video Games on Amazon

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Amazon has definitely made a leap forward when it comes to the mobile gaming with devices like Kindle and Fire Phone. I suppose the best way to describe the Amazon Appstore is that it’s a vast jungle that’s both beautiful and lawless. There are some really awesome games but at the same time, there are many that should be avoided.
Money and time are precious, so make sure you don’t waste them on the wrong games in the digital marketplace. Here are some of the top rated games on Amazon and if you want to buy these games real cheap get a free amazon gift card.

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition – $7

This game started as a promising Indie game on PC, today it’s one of the most recognizable games in the world. You can get Minecraft on any device imaginable. Here is a little known fact, there are actually Minecraft books aimed at kids!
The Pocket Edition allows you to enjoy Minecraft on your Amazon device. If by any chance you still haven’t heard of Minecraft, it’s a very straightforward game, you are placed randomly into a procedural generated world where you can harvest blocks for resources and use them to build items and structures. Tread lightly, it’s highly contagious.

2. VVVVVV – $3
There is one crucial difference in this game when compared with others, there is no combat and there are no items that can make your character more powerful. Your character can only reverse gravity, it’s quite cool actually. The navigation requires a lot of thoughts and good timing. You’d be surprised how fun this game is, if you are still unconvinced, here is one last reason why you should opt for this game, it has an amazing soundtrack.

3. Terraria – $5

As you might have expected, after Minecraft there were dozens of other games that attempted to imitate the amazing success of their rival. With that said, there are some that actually took Minecraft’s innovations in their own direction, Terraria is possibly the best example of this. There are plenty of different quests, environments, and procedural generated worlds that will keep your entertained for a long time.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – $3
This game is an all-time classic, today it’s available on Android devices in a remastered version. Players are now able to choose between the titular Sonic or his sidekick, Tails. This is an old-school game, so you kind of know what to expect, there are a lot of very difficult levels in which you have to fight through a number of difficult enemies. Vivid graphics and an extremely fast game play makes it one of the games you shouldn’t miss out on.

5. Five Nights at Freddy’s – $3

In this game you are taking the role of a new security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, your goal is to survive your nightly shift in which the animatronics, which as you might have anticipated, ‘wake up’ at night. Shifts get really tense, here is one friendly tip, watch out for Foxy!

I know the struggle of trying to find the right game, the 5 I have outlined for you will absolutely keep you occupied. I can’t really choose which one is my favorite, make sure to check them all out and hopefully you’ll find the one you’ve been looking for.

Roblox Epic MiniGames

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When you opened this article, I already assumed that you are an avid online player considering that you are interested about Roblox. You may already know now that Roblox is a multiplayer online game where you can create your very own virtual world! Cool, isn’t it? But what is the best part about Roblox is the fact that you can socialize and interact with many other players through different scenarios.

The game is very popular in children between ages 8-18 years old, and it offers moral education which inhibits both the kids and teens from swearing and cursing, because it will lead them to some hard consequences. The game also improves the children’s imagination because of the things they need to create and the scenarios they need to deal with. Since it is a socializing game where you can meet many friends worldwide, Roblox generated many players that should be civil and nice towards each other.

Just like some other online games, there is also what we call a Roblox card. A game card is usually used for online video games to avail certain services such as special memberships, and purchased certain products or items such as currency used in the game or special items that are only available to the selected few or the special members.

A Roblox gift card is also available and it contains several credits that you can use to redeem Robux or to pay for the membership of the club. Most of the players of the Roblox are very keen to play the game regardless if they need to spend money or not. As the company’s main source of income is from players who spend money to buy Robux, which is the currency being used in the game’s virtual world, as well as other special membership fees from players, some people are hesitant to enjoy the game because of the money they need to purchase such stuffs.

Fret not though! I bring you all, Roblox lovers, a very great news. There is a Roblox gift card that is given for free, and this card is very much available on this site. I strongly recommend the use of this Roblox card considering that it will provide you with many more savings, when it comes to playing Roblox.

If you are still a child who loves to play the game and is asking your parents for some money just to play it, you may stop asking now considering that you can already play the game without requesting money from your parents anymore.

The free card will help the player continue playing and enjoy the game. All you have to do is to visit the site and obtain the card for free. After which, you are free to use the card to your liking and purchase the things you want to have. Make sure that you enjoy roaming around the virtual world and make your imagination lead the way. A game will always be a joy once you love what you are playing and if it helps enhance you in positive ways.

Facts To Know About The Playstation Network

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Every avid gamer has embraced the use of Playstation Network (PSN), in their gaming routines. It has made gaming so much fun and easier. For the gaming novices, PSN is an entertainment service created and provided by Sony Entertainment with the aim of having the service used with Playstation video game consoles, HDTVs, Sony tablets and smartphones. The network is used for a variety of purposes, from online gaming to music, movie and TV streaming. Currently, the service is available in 71 countries.
A good feature about this platform is that it runs on multiple platforms, therefore, the user is not limited to just one device. The user can opt it to use it with Playstation 3, 4, Vita, Playstation Mobile, Playstation Portable, Sony Xperia or Bravia HDTV. The platform boasts of 110 million members, with 65 million active monthly users. It is available as a free service and also as a subscription services. Consumers are free to choose from the two alternatives.
It is also common with users because of its easy set-up. It is free to sign up to the network. After signing up, you get a master account. A master account gives you full access to all the settings, even Parental Controls. The master account can be used to create a sub account, say by the parent. The sub account does not have full access to certain features and can be used by the parent to restrict the children from performing certain activities using this platform.
The platform is probably very popular due to its endless features, which include a ‘Friends List’, which allows the user to have friends to interact with online. PS3 allows the use to have up to 100 friends, while PS4 users have the advantage of having a larger limit of up to 2 000 friends. Another popular feature is the online gaming feature, which allows different users to play games as a team or competitively, also allowing for matchmaking and cross-platform playing. The Share Play feature gives users the ability to invite their friends who are online to join their game session, even if their friends do not own a copy of the game. Remote Play, on the other hand, is a feature that allows owners of Playstation Vita or Sony Xperia smartphones or tablets to stream gameplay video from their Playstation 4 to these devices. Due to this feature, they can play games at home or even remotely. Users can also browse their favorite games, either live or archived streams, using the Live From Playstation feature.
Sony’s cross-buy option has been a great gift to this platform’s users. This allows users to only purchase a game once, then transfer it to all their other Playstation devices at no cost. This is an advantage as it saves the users the cost of having to buy different versions of the same game for each of their other Playstation devices.
One major disadvantage of using this platform lies with the online ID. The online ID is shown when the user is playing a game and using other features of the platform. The issue, however, is that the online ID of the user cannot be changed. Once the user chooses an online ID, it will remain permanent.
Security is also another threat to users. While Sony has put up measures to protect its users’ security,users on this platform are prone to hacking and this is a huge threat to their security.

Also, to get the most out of this platform, users need to be Playstation Plus members, as opposed to having the free version of the platform. While users have the advantage of being offered frequent discounts, exclusive offers and other advantages, this service may prove to be a bit expensive for some. It is also not very worth it considering Playstation owners who are not Playstation Plus members often have these exclusive advantages offered to Plus members extended to them after some time, free of charge, also you can try a PSN code generator.
All in all, the advantages of using Playstation Network are many and they outweigh the disadvantages by far. For anyone looking to have an amazing gaming experience, getting this service is highly recommended. It is not limited to gamers alone, so you can also consider getting it to stream your movies and TV shows freely.

What does a Game Developer

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A game developer is involved in designing, creation and production of computer games. These developers work hand in hand with programmers, producers, artists and marketing staff. They mostly specialize in a certain game platform such as Xbox and PlayStation. They may also specialize in certain aspects of game development such as gameplay or programming of artificial intelligence.

Main tasks 

There main tasks involve:
• Drawing of design documentation including diagrams and charts which act as outlines for the various components and concepts involved.
• Modification and documentation of programmer code so as to correct errors.
• Testing of the games and emending them to enhance their capability.
• Preparation of animations, digital graphics, video, sound images and photographs for editing.
• Combination of mechanical, artistic and structural elements into the game. These include elements such a vehicles, decorative finishes and buildings.

Specialization is very common in the game development industry. However some combine roles. Below are the most common specializations in this field.

i. Animator
An animator is involved in arrangement of characters and objects which are designed by the technical artists. These characters are designed in a sequence of different position so as to give an illusion of movement. An animator synchronizes lip movements with words and actions with the sound effects and music. Animators also work with testers to produce life-like movements.

ii. Digital Video-Sound Editor 
A Digital video-sound editor deals with computer-based editing of video sound for the game. This editor works under instructions from directors. An editor makes decisions in regard to mood, climax and pace of the sound effects. 

iii. Games Programmer
This specialist is involved in writing code. This is mostly done using the C++ programming language. A games programmer also uses game-development engines in order to create computer games.

iv. Producer/Director 
The game production field also needs a producer/director. A producer/director is involved with management and planning of the game. He/she oversees the development of the game and in some cases funds its development. As a producer/director, you must work closely with game marketing department plus the team involved in developing it. This ensures that the budgets, schedules and productivity targets are achieved.

v. Technical Artist 
A technical artist is also referred to as a 3D artist. He/she is involved in creation and manipulation of models and images using 3D and 2D computer graphics software. A technical artist must work closely with layout artists and animators so as to design vehicles, buildings, characters and other objects found in a game.

vi. Tester 
A tester is responsible for testing and monitoring of technical standards in graphics, gameplay functionality and sound. He/she does this as the game is being developed. A tester helps a programmer in finding errors during game production.